Customizing compression per file?

Kevin Korb kmk at
Sat Jun 25 00:12:13 UTC 2022

It actually does that by default.  Though you might need to add to the 
list of file types with --skip-compress.

On 6/24/22 19:35, Joseph Garvin via rsync wrote:
> I have an rsync cron job to backup folders that contain many different 
> types of files. Most of these are uncompressed files, so the -z option 
> would speed up their transfer. However there are a few files that are 
> already compressed where -z will just needlessly burn CPU and slow down 
> the transfer. Is there any way to express something like, "compress all 
> files except those with extension XXX?" The files are in a proprietary 
> format so it doesn't make sense to add them to a whitelist in rsync itself.
> Thanks,
> Joe G.

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