Merging three slightly different directories

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Thu Jun 9 20:18:10 UTC 2022

Robin Wrote:

> So I'm not quite following your Windows rsync problem. 

Specifically, do you mean: 


>"I copied files A, B, and C, and there's still 3 files but each file 

is bigger" 


> or 


> "I copied files A, B, and C to a directory containing files that I 

> thought were identical using the -b flag but now there's twice as 

I'm astounded you seem to think I used the -b flag but you must know that it was you who introduced the topic of -b flag.  That suggestion came after all rsyncing was done.

I expect the -b flag will play a big role in cleaning things up.

> many files because apparently rsync thinks none of them are 

> identical" 


Ok, sorry to be unclear... but really I'm not writing in ancient Sanscrit here.

There was no copying done at all.  Everything was and will be done with rsync.  I still have not tried the -b option but expect that to be very helpful.

I explained how I ran rsync from an Images/ directory on one linux host directly into an Images directory on another linux host.

rsync -vvrptgoD --stats LINHOST1:/Images/  LINHOST2:/Images/

I thought the directories were too large to examine them much by hand but I knew how they were built and knew they were at least very similar.

both structurally and content wise.  So that first merge went about how I expected there was a small overall size increase of a few hundred MB.

Then I ran "rsync -vvrptgoD winHOST:/Images/   LINHOST2:/Images/"  so from the win host to the already once merged LINHOST2:/Images. Both directories showed quite similar size according to "du -sh" before rsyncing.

However when the rsyncing was through the LINHOST2:/Images directory had grown considerably. I still have not examined by hand but clearly something unexpected has happened.  I expect I'll find some significant differences I'd forgotten about.

Until I stop and examine things closely; any further discussion will be kind of lame.  I was putting off a pains taking examination but I see it must be done.

These thousands of images have built up from 2008 to late 2021 and many Phone camera images have been added since then.  So I need to be careful with them.  With that in mind I have kept backups of all three directories in their original state.

Thank you much for your input so far.  I expect to be a good little while examining things.  In fact I see now this will be a major undertaking.
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