Merging three slightly different directories

hput hputn3 at
Wed Jun 8 00:24:16 UTC 2022

I want to merge 3 slightly different directories of mostly images.

Not just mostly but the vast majority are images files.

Each directory has about 285 GB of files.

At first I thought I would just run a straightish rsync from each directory
inturn starting with the biggest which is not much bigger ... maybe
a few MB.


rsync -vvrptgoD --stats /biggest/ /emptydir/

rsync -vvrptgoD --stats /next-biggest/ /same-dir/

rsync -vvrptgoD --stats /smallest/     /same-dir

But after some thought I'm guessing that might be wrong headed way to go.

All three dir have mostly the same stuff in them and in the same
places but a close inspection, given the 285 GB would be pretty much a

There will be thousands that have matching names maybe newer or older
bigger etc.  And maybe some of the same stuff but in slightly  different places.

How can I make rsync do the work for me?  So I don't end up loosing files.

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