Rsync just hanging sometimes

Alexander Gribanov sunrisecoder at
Wed Jul 27 10:30:32 UTC 2022


I just encountered a weird situation and don't even know how to find out
what happened?
There is nothing in the rsync-server logs, nothing on the screen, maybe
should I add some more keys (options) to get more detailed information?

I just successfully synchronized one module and got this problem on the
second module...
Rsync starts, goes as in the log below and just hangs like this for minutes
or maybe even hours and nothing changes...

Here is the full output:
g:\cygwin-rsyncd>bin\rsync.exe -vvrlth --progress --delete-before
--password-file password.txt user at
opening tcp connection to port 873
sending daemon args: --server --sender -vvltre.LsfxC . Module2-Lectures/
 (5 args)
receiving file list ...
[Receiver] expand file_list pointer array to 524288 bytes, did move
53937 files to consider
deleting in .
delta-transmission enabled
        120.49M   5%   57.25MB/s    0:00:33
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