do I always have to use either --checksum or --times ?

Kevin Korb kmk at
Thu Jul 14 08:26:48 UTC 2022

You should almost never use --checksum.  It is slower than just 
re-copying everything.  You should almost always use --times (or 
--archive which includes --times).  Without this rsync is almost as dumb 
as cp.  Also, ssh has been the default --ssh for a long time.

On 7/14/22 04:22, Fourhundred Thecat via rsync wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to sync local folder to remote server. When I run follwing
> command repeatedly, it always transfers everything each time again and
> again:
>    rsync --rsh='ssh' foo/ server:/foo/
> does it mean I have to always use either --checksum or --times, to
> prevent repeated transfer of files that have not changed ?
> thank you,

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