exclude include path problems

Edwardo Garcia wdgarc88 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 06:08:37 UTC 2022


for few hours now I have been racking my brain and going even more grey if
that is possible.

for some time my rsync script works, but now I see it does not, after
changes  mirror operator made, as a result I need some help.

Lets call module mirror
this results in about 200 or more directories (projects), but I only want
one of them, lets call it foo, the problem is foo/  has about 50
directories, but the one and only one we want is bar, but bar also has
dozens of directories - but we do want these ones.

so  we want     server:mirrors/foo/bar/*

How do we place our rsync command?

we have tried all kinds of   --include=foo/bar/  --exclude=*
we tried an include exclude include exclude  too, infact every conceivable
method I've tried for hours, just about to give up with conclusion it can
not be done.with rsync but before I delete now outdated repository I
thought I would try one last ask here?

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