[Bug 15254] rsync performs full replication with option -I since last upgrade to version 3.2.3 protocol version 31

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Fri Dec 2 21:02:39 UTC 2022


--- Comment #8 from Frank B <coffeecupfrank at gmail.com> ---
Quick addition:

You can say it's a "corner case", a result of wrong assumptions regarding u/I
or a weird usecase but you can't say "nothing has changed" since that clearly
isn't true.

The question is: is uI supported (the documentation does not state this) and
which behavior is correct, the old one before the update or the new one - or
which behavior would you expect?

I have a working solution now but that's definitely a point to be clarified and
at least to be updated in the documentation. There could be other users too
using this combination.

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