Passing result of shuf to rsync

Kevin Korb kmk at
Sat Sep 18 00:06:52 UTC 2021

Not really sure what you are trying to accomplish here.  Seems like it
should work the way you have it.  Note that many wonky rsync kludges are
due to people not realizing that rsync can have multiple source
arguments.  Instead of the source simply being . it can be a list of
stuff.  Also, note that -a includes --recursive except when --files-from
is in play.

On 9/17/21 7:11 PM, hancooper via rsync wrote:
> I am trying to pass filename results that have been shuffled, then pass
> the file to rsync.
> Not quite sure whether to use --files-from=- or some other way.
> shuf -n "$nf" -e ${dpath}/${incl} |
>     rsync -av --update --files-from=- . "$dst"

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