Copying a large file from an USB 3 disk (NTFS or EXT4) to another one (UFS/FreeBSD) is a very slow process....

Kevin Korb kmk at
Sun Nov 28 19:41:57 UTC 2021

rsync is terribly slow at local copies.  Also, it doesn't do its normal 
optimizing (see --whole-file).  Just use cp.

On 11/28/21 13:38, Mario Marietto via rsync wrote:
> Hello to everyone.
> I'm copying a large file from a NTFS formatted disk to another 
> one,UFS/FreeBSD disk,both are removable disks attached to the USB 3 
> port. The file is 200 GB large and it is copied very slowly. Why it is 
> so slow ? I don't know where to store my virtual machines. I tried to 
> save them on the ext4 disk because I wanted to share them easily between 
> Linux and FreeBSD but I've realized that when I mount the disk in 
> FreeBSD after some time it corrupts. I tried to store it on the NTFS 
> disk but it happens the same. So,now I'm on FreeBSD and I'm copying them 
> to a dedicated UFS/FreeBSD style disk,but as I said,the speed is very 
> slow. How can I increase the speed ?. Actually I'm using this 
> command,because I want to resume the uploading if it breaks at some point :
> root at marietto:/mnt/da3p2/bhyve/Ubuntu # rsync -avAXEWSlHh 
> /mnt/da0p1/Backups/OS/bhyve/Ubuntu/im* . --no-compress --info=progress2
> sending incremental file list
> impish-cuda-11-4-nvidia-470.img
> 2.13M 0% 9.49kB/s 6284:55:38
> and : where do you save large files ? what's the procedure that you use 
> to copy large files with a decent speed ? Unfortunately under Linux is 
> not safe to use a RW ufs disk access. So,I'm out of solutions.
> -
> Mario.

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