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Correct, the --backup is almost never discussed.  Have never used it, but as I have been

looking at the documentation, I have started to wonder about its usefulness.

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While this doesn't directly answer your question, you might find
useful, depending on your actual goals.

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 07:50:34AM +0200, Lisa via rsync wrote:
> I would like some feedback about the --backup option in rsync. Is
> it worth using it for backups, or should I just use rsync
> commands that just transfer files without the use of --backup
> option?
> -b, --backup      make backups (see --suffix & --backup-dir)
> --backup-dir=DIR  make backups into hierarchy based in DIR
> --suffix=SUFFIX   backup suffix (default ~ w/o --backup-dir)
> I am somewhat hesitant to use it because with the backup option,
> preexisting destination files are renamed as each file is
> transferred or deleted. It also says that previously backed-up
> files could get deleted.  Thusly I need some assistance
> understanding all the pros and cons.

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