Rsync failed to set times (on temporary files)

Steven Levine steve53 at
Mon Jan 25 18:03:13 UTC 2021

In <CAJjVFmnRrsNWH0q78ebYV2QumihxCxJyMV5R4zwv5ozdgs5udQ at>,
on 01/24/21
   at 07:46 PM, Leon Vanderploeg via rsync <rsync at> said:


>rsync: failed to set times on "/<full path>/.ImageTest.reg.jDGIg0":
>Invalid argument (22)

>Where is temp file coming from?

They are created to hold the content of the file to be replaced during the
data transfer.  The names are chosen to minimize the change of naming
comflicts.  This is rsync's default behavior.

>Why is the set time failing?

Hard to say without more information.  Exactly what is the failing rsync
command line?  What is the destination file system format?  Are you
running the same version of rsync on both sides of the transfer?

Different platforms have different rules for timestamp granularity.  This
may or many not be contributing to this issue.


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