[Bug 2294] Detect renamed files and handle by renaming instead of delete/re-send

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Sat Jan 16 13:31:35 UTC 2021


--- Comment #38 from Claudius Ellsel <claudius.ellsel at live.de> ---
This basically is some personal preference. I know that I can do this on btrfs
(which is used on the system I want to back up from), also pretty easy with
tools like snapper. Maybe it would be feasible to do that comparison everytime
before creating a new manual snapshot, which then acts a bit like a "commit". I
basically want to have one stage at which I know that I have checked the
changes made. Ideally that is at the backup stage, so the backup only has
checked changes.

I'll think about that method, maybe even converting my backup drive to btrfs as

Back on topic, this feature still comes handy in many situations, imho. There
might be workarounds, but those might not be that feasible or wanted. The
reality of this not being merged soon might force users to turn to workarounds
(which might also have other advantages) though.

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