[Bug 2294] Detect renamed files and handle by renaming instead of delete/re-send

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Fri Jan 15 17:08:00 UTC 2021


--- Comment #35 from Claudius Ellsel <claudius.ellsel at live.de> ---
(In reply to elatllat from comment #34)
>Yes you can easily access files on a COW-FS backup; it's a file system, that's >what it's for.

This is going off-topic, but my backup drive is NTFS currently, which would
complicate things probably.

>If you want to review changes before backup you can just diff or rsync --dry-run >snapshot/a snapshot/b locally before sending it.

Unfortunately due to rsync's current inability to detect moved files that would
result in exactly the same problem I currently have: Not being able to know
whether a file was deleted and another different one was created or whether it
is just the same file that was moved (or renamed).

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