rsync support in authprogs - feedback requested

Karl O. Pinc kop at
Thu Feb 18 18:19:00 UTC 2021

On Thu, 18 Feb 2021 12:22:33 -0500
Kevin Korb via rsync <rsync at> wrote:

> You should both look into rrsync.  It comes with rsync and is designed
> to do exactly this.  

I'm not really interested in restricting rsync to particular
directories.  That seems to be what rrsync is for, although
it's a little hard to tell -- there's also a read-only option.

>  Unfortunately some Linux distros are maintained
> by insane people who install rrsync as if it was documentation
> (compressed and not executable) instead of a helper script which is
> what it is.  

FWIW, my uninformed guess is that Debian does not install
rrsync as an executable script because nobody has gotten around to
writing a it a man page.  A man page is required by Debian
policy for every executable.  

The good news is that rrsync is not compressed in Debian.  :)  The bad
news is I don't even see a bug report requesting rrsync, or
anything else in /usr/share/doc/rsync/scripts/, be executable.


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