Windows backups?

Dan Stromberg drsalists at
Tue Dec 28 05:23:02 UTC 2021

Can rsync back up an NTFS using a Windows 10 kernel?  So far I've had good
luck backing up NTFS filesystems on a dual boot system when booted into
Linux, but not when booted into Windows.

I've been bitten in the past by /usr/bin/find (for EG) having problems with
Windows junctions over sshfs.  The problem appears to be that Windows'
sftp-server doesn't map junctions to directory symlinks; instead, it treats
junctions as just another directory, which leads to backup and find
problems (both, individually) because of a directory loop: eventually they
complain about a too-deep recursion.

I heard that rsync (in some form, I know not which one) can skip junctions,
so perhaps I could use an rsync wrapper for backing up Windows machines?  I
heard that at

I'd prefer to use rsync over ssh, but I perhaps could tunnel the rsyncd
protocol over ssh if it becomes necessary - that is, if it's likely to help.

Any suggestions?  Any guesses which rsync implementation, if any, is able
to treat junctions as symlinks or similar?

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