Can rsync log files excluded from transfers?

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Fri Aug 27 09:09:29 UTC 2021

Hey folks,

My installed distro rsync version is: 3.1.3 (3.2.3 available in backports).

Per subject, it would be great for one of my use cases, to be able to see a list of files that were evaluated for transfer but excluded (not skipped).

I've tried -vv and -ii and --info=skip and --info=all4 and combinations, piping the output to less and searching for relevant output.

I've not spotted any output for excluded files.

I have web searched, and site searched the list archive for relevant keywords but didn't immediately find anything specific to my use case. e.g.:

It would be nice if rsync could output the files that were excluded for transfer, much as it does for files that were transferred/skipped/deleted.

I appreciate there is a workaround to do a --dry-run without the excludes after the main transfer but that is not very nice for automation and logging, where it can be important to look back and understand what was included AND _excluded_. Sometimes there are little gotchas, especially when using excludes with wildcards.

Perhaps an --info=excluded could be a nice addition?

Thanks for reading.

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