Speeding up rsync

Kevin Korb kmk at sanitarium.net
Tue Aug 24 21:40:19 UTC 2021

Most of the speedup is due to ssh being bound to a single CPU.  You will
get a little more speed out of a single CPU system but the speedup is
unlikely to go past 2 in parallel.  Even with that you may end up adding
more latency via disk seeks to accomplish much.

On 8/24/21 5:12 PM, hancooper wrote:
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> On Tuesday, August 24, 2021 8:25 PM, Kevin Korb via rsync <rsync at lists.samba.org> wrote:
>> In my experience backing up multiple hosts to a single host can speed
>> things up. Especially if using rsync over ssh with multiple CPUs on the
>> single host. You would need to do some experimentation to determine the
>> best number for your hardware and network. Also, if you exceed that
>> number you can put more stress on the backup machine lessening the
>> impact to the hosts being backed up.
>> On 8/24/21 3:58 PM, hancooper via rsync wrote:
>>> It makes sense to we to run multiple rsync commands to speed up a backup.
>>> At work, some have argued that if I sync the data all to the same host,
>>> there is no advantage
>>> in parallelization.   Whether you sync 3x 1G in parallel or 1x 3G makes
>>> no noticeable difference.
>>> Speed in general does not increase by increasing the number of sync
>>> processes.
>>> However, if one want to sync to multiple hosts, the effort may be
>>> worthwhile.
>>> What is the current advice about speeding up data transfer ?
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> Hi Kevin.  What about a single host to another with multiple CPU's ?

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