suppress message: <file> is uptodate

Robin Lee Powell robinleepowell at
Sun Aug 15 05:09:07 UTC 2021

On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 07:03:18AM +0200, Fourhundred Thecat via rsync wrote:
> Hello,
> is there a way to suppress this message when syncing files?
>   <file> is uptodate
> I would like to see only files that have been synced.
> The internet forums are full of people asking how to get rid of this,
> even as far back as 10 years, and only hack I could find is to pipe it
> to grep.
>   rsync ... | grep -v ' is uptodate$'
> This is a terribly dirty hack, and creates problems of its own.
> Is there a better solution? Can better solution be implemented, perhaps
> by some new option?
> What is the opinion of this community? I assume someone has to have
> mentioned this problem here throughout the years.
> In case it is relevant to my question, I am using rsync with these options:

The options you're using are *definitely* relevant, as I have never
seen such a message in over 20 years of using rsync.

>   rsync --info=name2,del2 --checksum -rlpgo -AHX --rsh=ssh foo/ server:/

I have never used --info; I didn't even know it was there.

And in "rsync --info=help", we have:

    NAME       Mention 1) updated file/dir names, 2) unchanged names

So, yeah, rsync is giving you that message because you added an
extra flag to specifically tell it to do so.  :)  Try "name1" and
see if that fixes it.

Your comment about forums being "full" of people asking how to get
rsync to not do that makes me wonder how many people have been
cargo-culting these options over the years ;(

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