How to manage root<-->root rsync keeping permissions?

L A Walsh rsync at
Sat Aug 7 09:56:33 UTC 2021

On 2021/08/03 07:09, Chris Green via rsync wrote:
> I already have an rsync daemon server running elsewhere, I can add
> this requirement to that I think.  Thank you.

It seems to me, a safer bet would be to generate an ssh-cert
that allows a passwdless login from your sys to the remote.

Then "export RSYNC_RSH=ssh" on your source before running
rsync (as root).

I don't use an rsyncd on the remote.  Try it in some sub-dir first.
Don't cross fs boundaries, so like I use flags (for xfs->xfs) like:

rsync -auvxHAXOW --del /usr/local/fonts/  remotesys:/usr/local/fonts/

pathnames are finicky.  While
  this pair works:
aa/dir/ (->) bb/dir/
  and I think this one does:
aa/dir bb/

   there are more that aren't reliable but may work occasionally
(like work 1st time, but not 2nd...). Some examples:

aa/dir/ bb/dir
aa/dir/. bb/dir/.
aa/dir bb
aa/dir/ bb/

then do your rsync as normal run rsync as root to the remote as normal.

Passwordless ssh logins are used where remote root and
remote-passworded logins are forbidden, since with a strong
key, there is no password to crack.  Since you may not want
remote login directly to root, you might prohibit use of passwords
for root (forcing use of a secure key).

There can be many caveats,  so try on smaller, backed up fs's first...
If you have room, transfer to a tmpdir then move into place.

Good luck...

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