Syntax Question on 'rsyncd.conf' on Windows

Dan Stromberg drsalists at
Fri Apr 9 21:05:44 UTC 2021

This is probably more of a Cygwin question than an rsync question.

On Cygwin, E: should show up automatically as /cygdrive/e

You can test that by opening a Cygwin terminal and cd'ing to /cygdrive/e

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 1:32 PM Tim Evans via rsync <rsync at>

> Cygwin distribution of rsync for Windows contains an example rsyncd.conf,
> excerpt below:
> [cDrive]
>     path = /cygdrive/c/
>     comment = Entire C Drive
> Having trouble setting up a second Windows physical drive.  Is the
> "cygdrive" designation a reference to the full system root, so that  syntax
> for Windows Drive "E:" would therefore be referenced "/cygdrive/e/"?
> Or is there a different syntax for non-C: drive?
> Thanks.
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