rsync: [generator] failed to set permissions : Operation not supported (95)

Mario Marietto marietto2008 at
Tue Apr 6 13:50:46 UTC 2021


I want to virtualize correctly Android 10 on top of my Jetson nano (arm64)
using qemu and kvm on ubuntu 18.04. This is the tutorial that I'm following

everything went good until this command :

sudo rsync -avxHAX system-r{o,w}/

something is not good because I get a lot of errors when I transfer
the files and permissions from the source to the destination path
(both are on the same disk and on the same ext4 partition. You can see
the full log with the errors here :

the consequence of these errors is that when I try to emulate android with
qemu like this :

qemu-system-aarch64 \
        -enable-kvm \
        -smp 4 \
        -m 2048 \
        -cpu host \
        -M virt \
        -device virtio-gpu-pci \
        -device usb-ehci \
        -device usb-kbd \
        -device virtio-tablet-pci \
        -usb \
        -serial stdio \
        -display sdl,gl=on \
        -kernel aosp/Image \
        -initrd aosp/ramdisk.img \
        -drive index=0,if=none,id=system,file=aosp/system.img \
        -device virtio-blk-pci,drive=system \
        -drive index=1,if=none,id=vendor,file=aosp/vendor.img \
        -device virtio-blk-pci,drive=vendor \
        -drive index=2,if=none,id=userdata,file=aosp/userdata.img \
        -device virtio-blk-pci,drive=userdata \
        -full-screen \
        -append "console=ttyAMA0,38400 earlycon=pl011,0x09000000
drm.debug=0x0 rootwait rootdelay=5 androidboot.hardware=ranchu
androidboot.selinux=permissive security=selinux selinux=1
androidboot.qemu.hw.mainkeys=0 androidboot.lcd.density=160"

this is the error that I get :

[ 2.532754] init: init first stage started!
[ 2.535936] init: [libfs_mgr]ReadFstabFromDt(): failed to read fstab from
[ 2.540632] init: [libfs_mgr]ReadDefaultFstab(): failed to find device
default fstab
[ 2.546246] init: Failed to fstab for first stage mount
[ 2.549616] init: Using Android DT directory
[ 2.555116] init: [libfs_mgr]ReadDefaultFstab(): failed to find device
default fstab
[ 2.560762] init: First stage mount skipped (missing/incompatible/empty
fstab in device tree)
[ 2.566906] init: Skipped setting INIT_AVB_VERSION (not in recovery mode)
[ 2.571227] init: execv("/system/bin/init") failed: No such file or
[ 2.593768] init: #00 pc 00000000000e90a0 /init
[ 2.599958] reboot: Restarting system with command 'bootloader'

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