strange crash with md5p8.diff + xxhash

Wayne Davison wayne at
Tue Sep 29 20:25:07 UTC 2020

On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 9:01 AM Madhu via rsync <rsync at>

> Turns out the comment in rsync.h: (struct name_num_obj):
>         struct name_num_item list[8]; /* A big-enough len (we'll get a
> compile error if it is ever too small) */
> isn't correct. I don't get a compile error.

Gcc likes to generate just a warning, not an error, which is enough for me
to notice the issue and fix it.  However, it would be nice if it was an
actual error, so I'm tweaking to specify -pedantic-errors
(sometimes followed by --Wno-pedantic) for gcc, which seems to turn it into
an error just fine.  I've also expanded the array a bit.

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