rsync 3.1.3 dry run bug?

Wayne Davison wayne at
Tue Sep 29 18:31:52 UTC 2020

On Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 12:27 PM Dipl.-Ing. Wolf-Dieter Pichler wrote:

> In this example output rsync says that it would just perform two
> group changes, BUT despite the -n option it actually synced some documents.

I doubt that very much, so I'd suggest checking on what else might be going
on.  Rsync has a bunch of safety functions with built-in dry-run checks
that keep it from making the changes that it itemizes that need to be
done.  And if it didn't even mention that a file needs to be updated,
there's no reason for it to have somehow made a secret change.  If you were
expecting to see a file change in the list of dry-run changes and it's not
there, then something prior to the rsync dry-run must have changed it.
Given that you're using -H, you might check if the affected file was linked
to a file that was recently changed in some other copy.

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