Copying TBs -> error -> work around

Philip Rhoades phil at
Thu Sep 10 05:30:14 UTC 2020


When I did:

   rsync -av /home/ /mntb5/  # about 4TB

I got errors like:

   'rsync [sender] expand file_list pointer array to xxx bytes, "did 

with rsync hanging - after breakout on /home for writing I then get:

   "Read-only file system"

So after unmounting and remounting /home I did:

   cd /home
   find /home/ -type d | sort > ./home_dirs_sorted.txt

delete first line "/home/" of ./home_dirs_sorted.txt then:

   while read dir ; do echo $dir ; rsync -lptgod "$dir" /mntb5/"$dir" ; 
done < ./home_dirs_sorted.txt


   while read dir ; do echo $dir ; rsync -lptgoD "$dir"/\.[a-zA-Z0-9]* 
/mntb5/"$dir"/ ; done < ./home_dirs_sorted.txt

and finally with no problems:

   rsync -av --exclude-from=/usr/local/bin/nfb_caches.txt /home/ /mntb5/

If there was a more sensible / efficient way of getting this done I 
would like to know about it!



Philip Rhoades

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