[Bug 14338] ZSTD support

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Thu May 28 20:15:10 UTC 2020


--- Comment #4 from Sebastian A. Siewior <Rsync at ml.breakpoint.cc> ---
Thanks for the merge!
Sorry for the version. According zstd's git v1.3.8 contains
ZSTD_compressStream2(). Debian Buster ships v1.3.8 and it does not find the
function. Buh. Looking closer it is marked as experimental and only avaible for
static linking. As per header file history, since v1.4.0 it is available for

I'm going to send a pull for move the function for ZSTD_compressStream2() which
hopefully should cover it.

Regarding the compression preferences.
If I understand it correctly:
- "zlibx" is the external zlib.
- "zlib" is the internal zlib which feeds blocks into the the zlib
history/dictonary without sending it over the wire. 

Could those two be swapped? That zlibX sounds like zlib-eXtended. Or does it
stand for zlib-eXternal?

Can we move zlib* at the end of the supported algorihms in terms of
preferences? My motivation was the lower for zstd was to use decent compression
with _low_ CPU usage.
The rsync.yo file says that this "--compress-choice=zlibx" can be used since
version 3.1.1. Is this working for negotiation and would support say
"zstd,lz4,zlib,zlibx" with zlibx with 3.1.1 and zstd on master or did
misunderstand it?


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