[Bug 14390] Feature request: don't fail if using "-z" transferring to rsync complied with --with-included-zlib=no

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Mon May 25 03:04:21 UTC 2020


--- Comment #2 from Wayne Davison <wayne at opencoder.net> ---
I've updated the compression code to add a negotiation idiom like I did for
checksums, and then I re-enabled the external zlib's ability to handle both the
old-style compression (now named "zlib") and the newer, external-library style
compression (now named "zlibx").  The code favors zlibx over zlib when the
rsyncs are both new enough to perform the negotiation phase.

I've also checked in a preliminary patch that implements lz4 compression
(someone sent me a big diff that contained some lz4 code, but I can't figure
out who it was who sent it).  If you want to try it out, look for lz4.diff in
the patches git.

If anyone has some time to delved into the compression code to stress test it
and look for issues, that would be very helpful.

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