Rsync with three folders

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Sun May 24 15:58:14 UTC 2020

OK I have the following setup:

Server A: a remote server which runs rsync to a local machine to get new files

Local: A local machine

Local A: A folder on the local machine with new files for Server A yto get

Local B: An empty folder on an external drive connected to Local

Now, normally Local B is not involved, but currently there is a LOT of data in Local A (multiple TB) that needs to be transferred to Server A, so what I want to do is take the list of files and instead of Server A grabbing them, somehow send them back to the local machine so they can instead be transferred to Local B and I can then sneaker net the external drive over to the server and cut the transfer time by about 1/50th.

I can, of course, do this manually with no issue by just generating the list of files, copying it to local, and then ping this files from Local A to Local B.

Caveats, I cannot rsync TO server A, only FROM (that is to say, I can run an rsync command on Server A that connect to anyone, but I cannot run an rsync anywhere that connects to Server A).

rsync -avn <remoteserver> <local> > file
xfer file to <local>
Process file list in file to cp files to external

Just checking if there is something else I could/shuld do or something I am forgetting about.

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