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--- Comment #6 from Haravikk <samba at haravikk.com> ---
In fact, no it doesn't, hide does not work as I'm requesting with
--delete-excluded enabled, everything that is excluded is still destroyed on
the receiving side:

    mkdir src
    mkdir dest
    touch src/file1
    touch src/file2
    touch dest/file2
    touch dest/file3
    rsync -ri --delete-excluded -filter 'H file3' --exclude 'file2' src/ dest/

Note that only file2 exists in both directories initially, meanwhile file1
exists only in the source, and file3 exists only in the destination. I want
file1 to be transferred, file2 to be deleted in the destination, and file3 to
be preserved in the destination.

In other words the result that I want to get is:

*deleting    file2
>f..T....... file1

The result I actually get is:

*deleting    file2
*deleting    file3
>f..T....... file1

So hide definitely doesn't do what I want.
Meanwhile protect alone doesn't either, because while it won't delete file3, it
will still compare it between src/ and dest/ and overwrite it with changes,
which I don't want either.

So I'm sorry but I'm re-opening this as it is not a case that appears to be
covered by existing rules. I need rsync to NOT scan or send a pattern, but
without deleting it either. As mentioned in the first post, this only seems to
be possible through the use of two rules, and a shorthand form of this would
still be beneficial.

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