osx permission issue

raf rsync at raf.org
Thu May 14 01:26:00 UTC 2020

Henri Shustak via rsync wrote:

> If you are talking about SIP, then at present SSH will have full disk access (as much as it can) by default.
> Take a look at this LBackup page which discusses this in more detail : http://www.lbackup.org/developer/dealing_with_sip
> Hope that helps.

I think that that only applies to the sshd binary that
comes with macOS. If you install a more recent version
of openssh via macports or similar, it doesn't apply to
that. It certainly doesn't apply to a
macports-installed ssh client. In that case, you need
to grant full disk access to Terminal.app or similar,
and invoke the ssh client from there. It's not possible
to grant full disk access to an arbitrary binary
executable via System Preferences. You can only do that
for "applications". I'm not sure what aplication you
would need to grant full disk access to in order to give
a macports-installed sshd daemon full disk access.


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