Weirdness with --no-times option of rsync

T. Shandelman todd.shandelman at
Sun Mar 22 18:59:15 UTC 2020

Hi, rsync experts!

Would you please address the following issue (an apparent bug. But I would
rather reserve judgment and let you decide).

When rsync is run with the --no-times switch, file transfers based on time
difference indeed do not happen.

When -i (or -vv ?) is also specified, the transfer that does not happen is
nevertheless reported as if it *did *happen ( or under --dry-run, *would*

This issue is mentioned at :

  #  <<
  #     Sorry, maybe I was not clear. I was referring to the 'T' tag under
transfer. If you
  #     look for ' T ' (beware the two spaces) in the man page, it says: An
alternate value
  #     of T means that the modification time will be set to the transfer
time, which happens
  #     when a file/symlink/device is updated without --times and when a
symlink is changed
  #     and the receiver can't set its time. (Note: when using an rsync
3.0.0 client, you
  #     might see the s flag combined with t instead of the proper T flag
for this
  #     time-setting failure) I was not able to make rsync to really ignore
times (no
  #     reporting this). – Luis A. Florit Feb 21 '19 at 20:08
  #  >>

Thank you!
Todd Shandelman
Austin, Texas
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