Question/comment about -n (dry run) flag of rsync

raf rsync at
Tue Mar 10 23:02:05 UTC 2020

T. Shandelman via rsync wrote:

> Rsync is a remarkably handy tool that I use virtually every day.
> But there is one thing about rsync that drives me totally crazy.
> Under the -n (dry run) flag, rsync seems to produce exactly the same output
> as without that flag.
> I cannot tell you how many times I sit and scratch my head long and
> hard,after I discover that my intended rsync operations did not actually
> happen. Until I finally remember that I ran rsync in dry-run mode. That's
> why! This is especially a problem for very long-running rsync jobs run in
> dry-run mode.
> It seems to me that when run in dry-run mode, rsync should display a
> warning at the very, very end, something like:
> *WARNING: None of the above operations have been actually performed, *
> *because you ran rsync in dry-run mode.*
> Or does rsync already have such a feature, and I am not aware of it?
> But if not, that is my vote for the next feature to be added. It should be
> a very, very easy fix.
> Todd S.
> Austin, Texas, USA

Bear in mind that it shouldn't happen by default as
that could break scripts that parse rsync's output. You
should need to request this behaviour in the config
file somehow.


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