rsync error

Dave Gordon dg32768 at
Fri Jun 26 08:49:29 UTC 2020

On 25/06/2020 13:18, Madhurananda Pahar via rsync wrote:
> Hello everybody, 
>          I am having a funny problem while using rsync as a tool to
> back-up my files: 
> [sender] expand file_list pointer array to 524288 bytes, did move.
> I am just wondering if you had this issue before and if you know a way
> to solve this, please share with me. 
> Many thanks,
> Dr. Madhurananda Pahar. 

That's just a debug message, letting the developers know when the file
list had to be expanded, and whether it had to be moved (by realloc(3))
as a result -- because that case introduces the particular hazard that
some other code might have kept a pointer to the old array. So this
message would be useful if one were debugging a random crash, to know
whether it only happened when the file list grew to a certain size, or
when it was relocated during expansion.

> 	if (DEBUG_GTE(FLIST, 1) && flist->malloced != FLIST_START) {
> 		rprintf(FCLIENT, "[%s] expand file_list pointer array to %s bytes, did%s move\n",
> 		    who_am_i(),
> 		    big_num(sizeof flist->files[0] * flist->malloced),
> 		    (new_ptr == flist->files) ? " not" : "");
> 	}

It's not an error of any sort, and you're only seeing it because you've
enabled DEBUG_GTE. Is there some other problem that you're trying to debug?


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