[Bug 12769] error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) depending on source file system

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Fri Jun 26 07:32:51 UTC 2020


--- Comment #13 from MulticoreNOP <multicorenop at mailbox.org> ---
(In reply to Wayne Davison from comment #12)
Hi Wayne,

that is great news!

Could you shine some light on why there is such a limit in the first place?

Personally I think such an arbitrary limit is rather unexpected and many people
will have a long running rsync command (for me each try took ~6hrs until I
could reproduce the error) fail on them until they could even be aware that
there is such a limit.

In addition to that, I guess only a small fraction of those people will
probably find this parameter as a solution to their problem.

To me this is like 'cp -R a b' failing, if a/ contains more than 1337 files.


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