Rsync sometimes decides to delete all data

Kevin Korb kmk at
Tue Jun 9 07:13:02 UTC 2020

The only time I have seen something like that was when I was using rsync
to backup a snapshot and something went wrong in the snapshot creation
resulting in me rsyncing an empty dir instead of a mounted filesystem.
Does the --stats output imply that rsync saw an empty dir?

On 6/9/20 2:46 AM, freebsd--- via rsync wrote:
> Hello,
> I run into some really strange case I haven't seen so far over the years.
> I syncing a lot of different macines, raspberry pis to a backup server
> nightly.
> Lately one of them misbehaves.
> Server rsync:  rsync  version 3.1.2  protocol version 31
> Client rsync:  rsync  version 3.1.3  protocol version 31
> Command used:
> rsync --numeric-ids --delete --delete-excluded --delete-after -f "merge
> ${BUFFER}" --stats  -e "${SSH_CMD}" root@${BACKUP_HOST}:/ $BACKUPROOT/
> Sometimes when I run this script from the server it just decides to
> delete ALL files what it already have and sync is done.
> I run it again couple of minutes after it syncs everything.
> What can cause such a behavior? I can of course remove the delete
> directives but then the local copy will become messy over time and this
> perfectly works with all other machines.
> It is not even that it cannot connect with rsync timeout and then it
> decides to delete the data. It can connect then decides to delete all
> data and done.
> Rsync is run by root in any case so it's not a privilege problem.
> Any ideas?

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