[Bug 14394] Add an option for --remove-source-files to remove files right away

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Sun Jun 7 18:37:18 UTC 2020


Wayne Davison <wayne at opencoder.net> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Wayne Davison <wayne at opencoder.net> ---
Rsync needs to ensure that the receiver created the file before the sender
removes it or you could have the file vanish when an error occurs (and exist on
neither side).  The deletion delay is somewhat large due to how much data is
pushed down the socket from the generator. You could try specifying the
--whole-file (-W) option to speed it up, but this would mean that any updated
files that exist on both sides would be resent in total with no matching-data
computations. You could also try breaking up the copy operations into single
directories (use -d instead of -r) so that rsync finishes up each (smaller)
operation more rapidly.

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