[Bug 10738] report --stats output when termination signal arrives

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--- Comment #8 from Wayne Davison <wayne at opencoder.net> ---
We don't have all the stats info to output until the end of the run exchanges
data between the procs (there are 3 processes in the transfer, and some of the
processes don't have access to the data until the end). For instance, since the
receiver is the only process on the receiving side to have access to the
incoming socket data, the generator can't output received-data stats until the
receiver reports the count at the end. And if the sender is local, it doesn't
know the deleted-file counts from the remote generator until the end.

I wouldn't recommend sending either of the SIGUSR signals to the rsync
processes since they are used internally to indicate that the transfer has
ended successfully. Any data output by the processes would thus be inaccurate.

In the future adding something like this may be possible, but only after a big
redesign in how the receiving side works.

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