[Bug 11166] running with -vvv causes a hang

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--- Comment #6 from Wayne Davison <wayne at opencoder.net> ---
The hang isn't very easy to fix because of the current way the 3 processes
communicate when performing a push operation (which is what happens by default
in a local transfer) combined with the huge slew of messages that get generated
by -vvv. The messages have to go "around the horn" from the receiver to the
generator to the sender to be output, and that forwarding can hang up in
certain full-buffer situations. I have some ideas I'm looking into for
improving this, but it will take a while.

In the meantime you have several options for working around the issue:

Use some --info=FOO and/or --debug=FOO options instead of -vvv to limit the
number of messages that rsync is generating to just those that you really need
to see. (Specify a FOO of "help" to see a list of choices.)

Change a local copy from a push to a pull using the support/lsh script that
comes with rsync. e.g., instead of running "rsync -aivvv src/ dest/" you'd run:

    rsync -aivvve lsh localhost:$PWD/src/ dest/

Finally, use the --msgs2stderr (which can be specified as {-M,}--msgs2stderr to
affect both sides of a non-local transfer) so that the messages are not in the
protocol stream. If you want to map them back from stderr to stdout, you could
specify "2>&1" on the command-line. This choice has small chance to cause some
weirdness in the message stream, though, since all 3 processes are outputting
debug messages at the same time to stderr (though rsync changes stderr to be
line buffered to try to minimize that).

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