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> xxhash in particular is not a package that we have needed before, so none
> of the clients has it.

All new, wonderful libraries have a point in time where they begin to get
used.  If you transfer large files then you probably want it.  If you use
compression then you also probably want at least zstd.  The INSTALL file
includes full details on the things you might want to install before
running configure and the suggested package-install commands that would
have probably helped you out.

I also noted that the configure script asks for installation of cmarkgfm or
> commonmark

No, it does not for a release. It sounds like you grabbed a github repo
snapshot tar file instead of a release tar file. The release tars include
various generated files to make a normal install easier, and do not require
any commonmark stuff nor autoconf stuff.  One other thing that is not well
documented is that you can grab the latest generated files for the latest
git commit using "./prepare-source fetchgen".  Currently that requires an
existing rsync and an openssl binary (since samba's rsync daemon requires
an ssl connection these days).

The configure script bails out when a library is not found

Yeah, that is on the annoying side.  It would be nice if it created a full
list of the missing items and then failed with a full summary of what
should be either added or disabled.

Thanks for the package lists.  Many of those were already in the INSTALL
docs, but I haven't had access to a Fedora host, for instance, and getting
some info there is helpful.  You did err on the side of installing too much
stuff, though.  You installed some cmark tools which aren't related to the
python3 library, for instance.  And you installed some other python
libraries, such as a python version of xxhash, which is also not needed.
The extra installs don't harm anything, though (other than your disk space).

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