Rsync 3.2.3pre1 released

Ben RUBSON ben.rubson at
Wed Jul 29 06:55:10 UTC 2020

> On 28 Jul 2020, at 20:53, Nelson H. F. Beebe via rsync <rsync at> wrote:
> To my surprise, ALL of the builds failed, and examination of the build
> logs showed they were all due to missing libraries or header files,
> notably for one or more of lz4, openssl, xxhash, and zstd.  Once I
> installed those packages, I got successful builds.

This is mainly to "force you" using these librairies, which bring very nice speedup / CPU saving.
This is also to be sure packages maintainers from the various systems will use them, so that these improvements are quickly adopted.

> I believe that it would be much better to simply disable the code that
> needs the missing library or its header files, and keep on running the
> configure script, with a prominent final report, something like:
> 	WARNING: configuration is complete, but some features are
> 	missing because libraries and/or header files were not
> 	found, or were too old, for these packages:
> 	    lz4 xxhash

The risk is that some (many ?) would no care at all and continue their builds, without then the benefit from these libraries.
The worst risk being to have packages distributed without these features enabled.

> FreeBSD 11.4 and 12:
>    pkg install cmark liblz4 openssl py37-cmarkgfm py37-xxhash zstd
> FreeBSD 13:
>    pkg install cmark cmarkgfm liblz4 openssl py37-xxhash zstd

Not sure you need py37-xxhash, xxhash shold be enough.


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