Is there any way to restore/create hardlinks lost in incremental backups?

Wayne Davison wayne at
Sun Dec 13 19:58:35 UTC 2020

I should also mention that there are totally valid reasons why the dir
might be huge on day4. For instance, if someone changed the mode on the
files from 664 to 644 then the files cannot be hard-linked together even if
the file's data is unchanged. The same goes for differences in preserved
xattrs, acls, and ownership.  In such a case you could decide that you
don't care about the change in meta info and tweak it on the earlier files
to match day4's files and then the suggested re-link command would decide
it could join them together.  You'd probably then need to keep going and
re-link day5's pictures (since it was probably linking to the old day4's

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