Rsync 3.2.3 released

Rupert Gallagher ruga at
Mon Aug 10 10:58:06 UTC 2020

The obsd community is silent. There is a thread on misc@ but no participation.

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On 10 Aug 2020, 09:19, < pluto at> wrote:
Rupert Gallagher <ruga at> wrote:
> ... I see this ball bounched betwen rsync, openbsd and supermicro
> ... I see a large cache delivered by the OS on server hardware and
> a program unable to use it.
It sounds as if the problem may be OpenBSD "delivering" the cache
rather than "utilizing" it. What does the documentation -- or the
OpenBSD support community -- say about configuring OpenBSD to use
that sort of cache for filesystem optimization?
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