[Bug 13071] [PATCH] Allow --partial-dir with --inplace

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Mon Apr 27 21:08:58 UTC 2020


--- Comment #8 from Ben RUBSON <ben.rubson at gmx.com> ---
Wayne, I then just tested your patch, and it works as expected.

One thing perhaps, just to be sure.
I used an absolute partial-dir path during my tests.
It is not deleted after the partial file has been completed and moved to its
destination place.
Is it intended ?
Perhaps you assume that this absolute partial-dir could contain other partial
files, or even non rsync-related files ?
I'm OK with this behavior, IMO more secure :)

Your patch then re-creates the behavior I was looking for / proposed through my
Mine was intended to make this feature "compatible" with older clients, which
made it a little bit more complex...
Yours is more simple, which is better, perfect then, many thanks for having
looked into this !

To go further, some reflexions.
Let's imagine we use --link-dest and --partial-dir, with this current patch.
File2, size 100MB, is sending, while comparing to a nice basis File1 (let's
imagine almost perfect matching) found in one of the link-dest directories.
Transfer aborts.
Partial File2, 10MB, is moved into partial-dir.
Transfer restarts, and File2 is sent again, this time comparing to the partial
File2 (yes this is what we want here, perfect).
But then, perhaps we could have been faster comparing again to File1 instead ?
Hard choice, and there's no way to know...
I tried to address this in the following patch :
In this situation, the patch takes both files as basis files, which then can
speed-up the transfer.
Of course it depends on files' size, checksum speed, remaining data to send
The main avantage is in the situation above, where there's a lot of remaining
data to send.

Thank you again !


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