Rsyncing via LAN deadly slow

Stephane Ascoet stephaneascoet at
Sat Apr 11 23:11:59 UTC 2020

> Hi, I probably can't help. The only time I had rsync

Hi, thanks anyway for trying.

> suggest is that your network bandwidth is being used up
> by something else (whatever is using up that 4MB/s) but

Chances are low because this value appears exactly when I launch the rsyncing.

> be another 8MB/s to spare. Wireshark could help you
> identify what the traffic is.

Not sure that setting up Wireshark is valuable since I almost finished the 
transfer but thanks!

> problem is the disk I/O speed on the gobook itself. Is

I use it daily and it works very well(it was a very high-end laptop for the 
beginning of the 21st century, costing something like $2500. The biggest 
problem is the lack of RAM)

> that possible? I have no idea how old it is or what old
> I/O speeds were like. Can you run top on the gobook? Is

I've of course done it. I'm forced to do it hundreds of time each day anyway.

> there iowait? If so, that might be the problem. Also,

Where can I see this information?

> if the gobook is really old, its network interface
> might only be 10Mbps, but even that should mean 1.25MB/s
> (if the disk I/O speed can keep up).

I've of course verified this, it's 100mb/s, and netstat indicates 11.8MB/s

> Or you could try scp just to see if the transfer speed
> is any different.

I'm not very enthusiastic about setting up a SSH server on any of both laptops. 
One of the maddest thing is that I manage a Web storage space on an distant 
server(in my collaborative-ISP datacenter) and transfers are quicker in scp to 
this one than in rsync between computers next to each others!

Sincerely, Stephane Ascoet

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