[Bug 14109] Support Custom Fuzzy Basis Selection Algorithm

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Sun Sep 1 23:51:37 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from Lonnie Best <lonniebiz at yahoo.com> ---
Thanks. Yeah, that's probably what I'll do. I may even write the script where
it does some tasks parallel (running multiple rsync commands at the same time).

The current default "fuzzy-basis-destination-file-selection algorithm" selects
the correct file most of the time. Maybe the reason it didn't today is because
it is the first day of a new month and that made the file names be too
different. I'm not sure.

The --fuzzy argument is really awesome and it is just a hair away from being
exactly what I need for handling things with one command at the folder-level.
If I could only modify the file-selection algorithm, it would be perfect.

Until then, I just have to write a script instead of being able to handle this
within the command.

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