[PATCH] Replace mkproto.pl with mkproto.awk

Ethan Sommer e5ten.arch at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 20:19:15 UTC 2019

> I can't speak for rsync, but nowadays Perl isn't that rare, that a
> dependeny on it for build purpose would matter. IMHO.
It might not be rare, but it's certainly less universally available than
awk, which is preinstalled on pretty much every unix-like OS out there.

> There are many flavours of AWK. Are you sure, that your AWK replacement
> runs everwhere?
I tested every common implementation I know of, and found that it didn't
work with busybox, awk, I'll be sending the updated patch that works
with at least gawk, mawk, nawk, busybox awk, and openbsd awk right after

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