Seemingly impossible bug: -v not always listing every copied file

raf rsync at
Wed Oct 30 01:00:19 UTC 2019


debian-9, rsync-3.1.2 (both ends)

I have a task that rsyncs files from a list of
candidate files (--files-from=). It's verbose (-v) and
its stdout is captured to a file which is then sent to
the receiving host. The captured verbose output is
examined on the receiving host to know which files were
actually copied so that notification emails can be sent
to various people.

The problem is that, sometimes, not all copied files
are listed in the verbose output, and so some
notification emails don't get sent out. At first, I
thought there was something wrong with the notification
emails not arriving, but the files in question, that
had definitely been copied, did not appear in any of
the captured verbose output files.

This seems like an impossible bug but it really seems
to be happening. Has anyone else encountered behaviour
like this? I didn't have much luck searching the
internet for it. It would probably be hard to notice
if the verbose output wasn't being used for something
like triggering notifications whose absence might be


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