[PATCH] Replace mkproto.pl with mkproto.awk

Heiko Schlittermann hs at schlittermann.de
Sun Nov 17 02:21:18 UTC 2019

Ethan Sommer <e5ten.arch at gmail.com> (So 17 Nov 2019 10:08:16 CST):
> > Me? I think, the rsync maintainers, or?
> > I just added my 2 cents and would stick with .pl, it has proven to be
> > stable :) (Yes, I'm a Perl user.)
> Meant to direct that towards the rsync maintainers sorry. Are you
> suggesting that something that works with all popular awk
> implementations and entirely conforms to the POSIX standard now would
> somehow not be stable, or would eventually stop working, as if awk is a
> moving target?

No, I just do not see the point in replacing a working script with
another working script. Though I understand your concerns about the
build dependencies. OTOH, having Perl on a build machine seems to be
quite common nowadays (as having AWK).  And if I recall well, that
"issue" was about the *build* deps.

Personally I do not care for *this* project, as I'm not involved.

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