Removing folder at destination

Freddie Valdez freddienv at
Thu Nov 14 18:52:14 UTC 2019


Rsync 2.6.9
Mac OS interacting with Windows servers.

My Rsync command: rsync -rvz --exclude-from=exclude.txt source destination.

I copy large files from server A to server B excluding multiple directories
which rsync quickly and beautifully executes.
What I end up with at destination is these folders.
I manually then move the web/print folders into the 01_us_eng... folder and
then I manually delete the assets folder.

My humble question to is this, can I add an rsync command to move
folders 3 and 4 into 01... and delete the 2_ASSETS folder so I dont have to
manually do this 200 times each day?

I have done exhaustive searches without success and i really
appreciate your help.


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