let me share this quick thought with you

uxio prego uxio.prego at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 09:20:54 UTC 2019

I was about to run a sync command chain I often run, and
(of course with dry run selected)
chose to remove the double dash to some of the rsync call
Just some quick random weird human input testing.

So issued -no-owner instead of --no-owner. Complained, obviously.

Also issued -times instead of --times. It did not complain that, it
correctly interpreted -t -i -m -e -s instead of the error I was
expecting in my mistake.
I obviously won’t blame this project for my mistakes, but I wonder:

1. Why exactly is -times allowed as a -e -i -m -s -t in the…
   UNIX tradition?

2. Do we deserve something better - safer - than this for the sake
   of preventing bugs and data destruction?

Thanks for this awesome software.


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