"WARNING: failed verification -- update retained (will try again)" message

sambalist at discosucks.it sambalist at discosucks.it
Mon Jun 3 14:03:11 UTC 2019

That's weird because because i am now getting the same error on two
machines, so i would exclude the RAM problem.

Anyway, does the "will try again" mean this message is harmless unless
getting a subsequent "will not try again" error message? If yes, is
there a way to squelch it?

Thank you


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Il 03/06/19 14:47, Kevin Korb via rsync ha scritto:
> Usually it means that the file changed while rsync was running.  But it
> can also mean that a hardware problem (usually RAM) is causing the
> hashing to return bogus results.
> On 6/3/19 6:09 AM, sambalist--- via rsync wrote:
>> Hi there!
>> On a daily backup script, I am getting a lot of these messages:
>>   WARNING: <filename> -- update retained (will try again).
>> I've tried googling, but i can't figure out what these messages exactly
>> mean and how i can solve them.
>> Any hint?
>> Thank you
>> Gabriele

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